This year we cover 3 transdisciplinary themes

How the World Works

NameCentral IdeaLink
Qataar, Alea, Alexa, Aisha, KanaTechnology and Scientific Advance Innovation Supports Human Needs of Water
Arjuna, Kirana, Felia, Giza, KennaraHarmless Chemicals Play an Important Role of Human Health
Kala, Anisa, Gerrard, RaqiNet Zero Plays an Important Role to Minimize Ozone Layers Depletion
Abizar, Keif, Erland, Dastan, KinaraClimate Change can be Reduced through Implement the Energy Efficiently
Shabi , Alena, Mikaila , KishanThe Increasing of Carbon Emission Causes Global Warming

How We Organize Ourselves

NameCentral IdeaLink
Fakhri, Yusuf, Fathan, XafiHuman Decisions Support the Reduction of Air Pollution from Transportation
Zoe, Ajes, Gia, JenakaEnvironment Conditions will have an Impact towards Children Health
Jazz, Noura, ZetaEducation Impact towards Social Equity and Green Economy
Alyra, Anka, Vano, Khansa, LiandraEvaluating Government Policies on Energy Distribution Effects to Social Justice

Sharing the Planet

NameCentral IdeaLink
Kimora, Dima, Juro, Canza, KarenThe Life of Endangered Animals Affect Biodiversity Stability
Daka, Aziya, Olive, Alaric, AzzamSustainable Production of Effective Crops Create Positive Impact on the Environment
Ayla, Zahibara, Hana, Dalila, KeenanWater Management can Affect in Human Life
Omar, Leia, Adel, Jemma, MalikGovernment System can Value Our Food Supply due to Zero Hunger
Keiko, Vienna, Raiky, Shofiya, AraOverpopulation Forms to Land Conversion and Its Impact to Flood Disaster
Kenzie , Mattheo, Ligar, SheaImplication of Ocean Acidification Lead to¬† Life Under the Sea