Personal Project Library

Personal project library is dedicated to all the books written by Al Jabr’s students.

Every year, some students decided to write books. The diversity of our students’ books can be seen here.

Please keep in mind that these books were written through hardship, therefore please honor their hard work by not violating their intellectual properties.

I hope you enjoy all the books.

Created in 2022

What is Going on in The Teenage Brain?

Written By Arkananta Birowo

PANDEMIC affect to health awareness

Written By Akeno Udaya

About Drawing

Written By Khansa Areta Gianika

Maintaining physical health with fitness for teenagers

Written By M. Alif Akbar Harvian


Written By Muhammad Caesarazan

biogas production from Fruit Bunch Waste

Written By Muhammad Najwan Rasyid

Paint Your Day

Written By Nadra Nuhaad

Teknik crochet untuk pemula

Written By Regisha Naurah Cantigi

22 plants in al jabr

Written By Sinatriya Zahid

Created in 2021

Under the guise of anger

Written By Ghina Nathania

di balik topeng kemarahan

Written By Ghina Nathania

work in progress

Written By Neyia Natanya Nilam Sari Kameron

Created in 2020

Guidebook - Sport club

Written By Aidan Fitrah Wardoyo

growing up around the world

Written By Brianna Munanto

Created in 2019

my teen skin

Written By Azura Luna

Wayang kulit

Written By M. Hanif Rafli