Climate Changes and Energy Efficiency








Ms. Ella, Ms. Vivi, Ms. Gilang

How the World Works

An inquiry into natural world and its law; the interaction between the natural world (physical and biological) and human societies; how humans use their understanding of scientific principles; and the impact of scientific and technological advances on society and on the environment

Central Idea

Climate change can be reduced by implementing energy efficiently

Learning Outcomes

- Identify factors of extreme weather
- Describe the humans role to use energy efficiently
- Create solutions to reduce climate

Key Concepts

Change, Causation, Responsibility

Related Concepts


Lines of Inquiry

- Factors of extreme weather
- Humans role to use energy efficiently
- Solutions to reduce climate change

Sustainable Development Goals

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity lost

Doughnut Economics

Social Foundation
Unpredictable extreme weather which was caused by energy used

Ecological ceiling
Climate change

WHY do we choose this problem?
This unpredictable weather currently happens and it may harm the people and its environment

What I already know about this problem?
This problem is dangerous  and happens almost everywhere

Al Qur'an Verses

  Al Baqarah verse 11

Dan apabila dikatakan kepada mereka, “Janganlah berbuat kerusakan di bumi!” Mereka menjawab, “Sesungguhnya kami justru orang-orang yang melakukan perbaikan.

 An Nahl verse 65

Dan Allah menurunkan air (hujan dari langit dan dengan air itu dihidupkan-Nya bumi yang tadinya sudah mati. Sungguh, pada yang demikian itu benar-benar terdapat tanda-tanda (kebesarnnya Allah) bagi orang-orang yang mendengarkan (pelajaran)

STEP 1: Identifying Globally Significant Issues

Exploring, Wondering and Musing

Climate changes refers to long term changes in temperature and weather patterns. These changes may occur naturally. However, human activities have been a major contributor to climate change nowadays. Burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas that people use for their transportation or manufacturing has released gas emission like methane and carbon dioxide. These greenhouse gases will wrap around the earth like a blanket, trapping the sun’s heat and increasing temperatures. According to a website by The World Count stated that the average Earth’s surface temperature increased by 0.7 degrees Celsius between 1900-2009 (1.3 degree Celsius). Moreover, the surface temperature from January to December 2014 was the highest on record and was 1.24 degrees Fahrenheit (0.69 degree Celcius) higher than the average for the 20th Century. By knowing this, we should do something related to our activities. We should make a change and build new habit to be wise in our activities and energy used.

Why do we want to investigate this topic?

Here are some videos that support our inquiry

STEP 2: Determining Timing And Time Frame

Making connection between previous learning and current learning

To achieve our goals in this PYP Exhibitions, we collaborate and set the time lines. The students, teachers, mentors and parents collaborate effectively and give feedback throughout the process. To monitor the progress, we have mentor meeting three times a week and PYP Exhibition journal to be completed. 


Learning Continuum from previous grade

Pre K: Weather and Season

G1 : Force and Energy

G2: Weather and Season

G4: Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy

STEP 3 Engaging Support From The Learning Community

Collecting Data and Reporting Findings or Researching and Seeking Information

Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi dan Geofisika (BMKG)

To gain information about climate and the extreme weather, we visited Badan Meterologi Klimatologi dan Geofisika on February 1st and 20th, 2023. BMKG was created on July 21st 1947 as a government organization to share information about the meteorology and geophysics. We have collected new information related to our topic by interviewing Ibu Ulfah and Ibu Linda. They have shared knowledge about the history of BMKG, hos climate change happens, the causes and impact of climate change and what we can do to prevent or even stop climate change. Below are some important points that we gathered from our visit:

1. BMKG has been researching and analyzing about Climate Change over the years. The result is that climate change has changed the rain pattern and raised earth’s temperature. 

2. This climate change has caused a lot of effects to the environment. One of the result of climate change causes extreme weather which happened in sudden. Recently, our country has experienced some extreme weathers like forest fire, high level of sea waves, land slides, flood, droughts, etc.  

3. BMKG explained that they have been using some tools and technologies which help them to measure the temperature, wind speed and others. They also use satellite to predict the upcoming weather so BMKG can inform the society to prepare themselves. 

4. Human activities have played important roles to the climates changes. It is related to the energy that humans use to support their activities. Many of us know that we still rely on non renewable energy like fossil fuels, nuclear and others. The waste of these form of energy may harm the environment. Since industrial revolution in the late 1700s and early 1800s, people have been using fossil fuels such oil, coal and natural gas for manufacturing, transportation and buildings. This may cause the greenhouse effect which happens when certain gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide are trapped in the atmosphere and raised the temperature. 

Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB)

To gather information about how to prepare ourselves when extreme weather happens, we interviewed Bapak Theopillus Yanuarto who is a public relation from BNPB. He shared about the history of BNPB, natural disasters that happen in Indonesia, the function of BNPB and how citizens/society should do when disaster happens. 

How BNPB was built?
In 2004, some cities in Indonesia like Aceh was hit by Tsunami. It was one of the biggest disasters in Indonesia. The tsunami waves sweep the coast of Aceh after earthquake that occurred at the based of Indian Ocean. There were around 200.000 victims. Then, Indonesia’s president started to initiate an organization that will support, command, coordinate and handle when there is a natural disaster happens.

What are natural disasters that happen in Indonesia? BNPB mentioned that there are around 13 different disasters that happen in Indonesia. It can be caused by nature or non nature. There are flash flood, earthquake, volcano eruption, strong win, high wave, tsunami, drought, forest fire and other. Some of the disasters are called the hydrometeorological disasters which caused by the changes in the atmosphere (meteorology), water (hydrology) or ocean (oceanography). 


According to BNPB data, it shows that over the past 20 years, Indonesia has experienced various types of natural disasters. And this disaster phenomena has a tendency to increase from year to year. The impact of hydrometeorological disasters can cause loss of lives, injuries or other health impact such as damage to property, loss of livelihoods and services, social and economic disorders or environmental damage. 

Bapak Theopillus also reminded us to be ready and aware when disaster happen. BNPB has provided an application called “InARisk” that we can download it from App Store/Playstore.  This app will give a notification to our phone about the risk when we are in some location and information about the disasters that just happen in Indonesia. It really helps us to be ready and be prepared if anything worse happens. 

Overall, we as humans can take a part to minimize the impact of climate change by always putting our trash in the right place, safety first wherever we are, and of course use energy efficiently. 

Climate Rangers

Alhamdulillah, we were able to collect more information from a community that really cares to the climate change that happened now. We interviewed Kakak Salma and Kakak Fadillah who shared new knowledge about climate crisis and its impact to us and environment. Climate Rangers is a community of young people who supports 350 Indonesia and wants to take positive actions to our planet. They concern about the phenomenon of climate change that is increasingly threatening and becomes a nightmare for 260 million Indonesian people.  Climate Rangers are formed to unite young people and carry out concrete actions that can contribute and make our planet becomes better. 

From our interviewed we found out some new facts as below:

1. Since the early 1900s, many glaciers around the world have been rapidly melting. Both manufacturing and transportation that human use have produced gas emission that can raise the earth temperature, even higher in the poles. If it keeps happening, it will also impact the sea level that can make land sunk. 

2. This climate change also causes extreme weather that happens in Indonesia recently. BMKG and BNPB mentioned that Indonesia experiences mostly hydrometeorological disasters.  

3. The government should take some actions related to our climate crisis. In Indonesia, the temperature rises around 0,3 degree Celsius per year. It can get worse year by year.  We as the young generation should be responsible and take action to stop this climate crisis. We can do many simple things but the impacts are great. 

STEP IV: Organizing Learning

Science Experiment

To fulfill human needs of housing and natural resources, humans tend to do land conversion by cutting down the tress (deforestation), change forest into crops and villages. Meanwhile, according to BMKG data stated that Indonesia often experiences hydro meteorological disasters like land slides, drought, forest fire, flood because of climate change. 

To prove about the impact of deforestation to our land and environment, we conduct a science experiment. We want to find out the impact of deforestation to our environment. 


  1. Two containers
  2. Soils
  3. Plants
  4. House made from cardboard
  5. Water
  6. Small rock
  7. Ruler



  1. We set container 1 with soils and plants to represent land that has trees around it.
  2. We set container 2 with a house to represent land that has different function to be a housing area.
  3. We measure the level of soil
  4. We pour the water around 1 liter
  5. We measure again the soil level
  6. We will record the result
Container 1
Container 2

Result and Conclusion

After pouring the water, we can observe different thing happens to both containers. Container 1 where it had plants on it, the level of the soil remain the same. It shows no land slides happening. While, there was a different level of soil in container 2 which represented land slides. From this experiment, it is clearly seen that plants play important roles to keep the soil when heavy rains coming. 

Container 1
Container 2

Questionnaires - to know people's perpective about climate change

To get more information about the people’s perspective of climate change, we conduct a social experiment using questionnaires. We used Google form and prepare around 7 questions and got 135 respondents. Based on this questionnaires, we make conclusion about how people understand and know about climate change as below: 

  1. 63 % of respondents understood that humans are the main factors that cause climate change.
  2. 101 put of 135 respondents stated that the excessive used of non renewable energy is the main cause of climate change.
  3. 123 out of 135 respondents stated that extreme weather happens as the impact of climate change.

Climate change has caused the changes in the weather too. It may cause extreme weather in some areas that will impact to the environment. One of the impacts of extreme weather is land slide which caused by the 

STEP V: Monitoring The Exhibition

SEMINAR- Collaboration with Climate Rangers

To educate our school community, we conducted a seminar to PYP and MYP students on Monday, February 27th 2023. We collaborated with Climate Rangers community who shared the information about the facts of Climate crisis, causes and impact of Climate Change. Moreover, they also shared some strategies to solve or even stop Climate change. 


Parody music video

To make our action sustain and reach more audience, so we created a parody movie clip. The song’s title is Heat Waves by Glass Animals.  We changed the lyrics and created the music video with our group. We hope that everyone can watch the video and take some actions to save our earth. 

STEP VI: Sharing the Exhibition

Panel with School Leaders, Parents, and teachers.

After completing our action and all inquiry process, we shared our understanding in front of school leaders, Head of School, parents and teachers on Thursday, March 8th 2023. 

We also shared our project to our school community (parents, students, staff) and visitors from other school

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