This year we cover 2 transdisciplinary themes

How the World Works

NameCentral IdeaLink
Mazaya, Myiesha, Radit, ShaquilleMicroplastic can pollute and endanger human health.
Amore, Kafy, Naira, Neira, SabbyThe impact of fast fashion on climate change.
Gavyn, Jibril, Kala, Memi, Raya
Scientific knowledge of trash energy to produce fuels.
Abi, Arka, Jetro, Nitya
The consumption of fast food affects human health.
Adit, Alex, Kinza, Satria, Tamara
The application of green building can reduce energy consumption.
Anissa, Claresta, Dafi, Dhika, MaliqHuman needs on oil can be fulfilled through sustainable production.
Gea, Hana, Rafi, WiseThe importance of carbon-footprint to support a clean environment.

Sharing the Planet

NameCentral IdeaLink
Abel, Alano, Chaka, Rayyan, SeraManta Ray has a connection to human interaction with nature.
Haruka, Kana, Nafi, RaushanPlants can support the reduction of air pollution.
Hawra, Khansaa, Mandala, Praya, SakhaOwl have specific functions to balance the ecosystem
Abigail, Amanda, Aqil, Azima, Ratu
Our responsibilities to protect the freshwater animals that live there.
Alysha, Ayko, Kaia, Reiner
Human activities cause typical Jakarta’s Plant loss.
Amara, Arya, Fairel, Neira, RanukaThe land conversion impact the life of Javan Rhino.
Aurora, Akira, Nanda, Raihan, SharfrazReducing plastic pollution can help marine life to survive.
Athaya, Farah, Michelle, Xila, The roles of horses affect human life.