Welcome to Al Jabr Islamic School Grade 5 PYP Exhibition website. It is significant for PYP schools and PYP students to synthesize the five essential elements that they learn throughout the PYP and share it with the whole community. This cumulates into a project called the PYP exhibition, and it represents the final assessment that PYP students must complete before they go to next level of study. 

Students, parents, mentors, and teachers will work on the exhibition projects for ten weeks. There is a time table for the exhibition which shows targets that need to be achieved each week. Grade 5 teachers will also give weekly information updates to parents, mentors, and students.

We have done PYP Exhibition for the past 7 years, you can visit our previous website which covers PYP Exhibition from year 2014 – 2020 by clicking the image below:

From 2021 onward, we will use this website.