This year we cover 2 transdisciplinary themes

How The World Works

NameCentral IdeaLink
Bianti, Kimora, Deana, MagaliDigital Media and Their Role in Human Health to fulfill people’s needs
Ziv, Gabi, Sybil, GregoryTools and devices to support medical issues during the pandemic
Rafa, Andhra, AdzimHuman responsibility is connected to local and global energy consumption during the pandemic
Arran, Bella, Justin, DaruPeople’s ways of protecting themselves from covid-19 have an impact towards the environment
Kynan, Rexford, El,MusaPreventing viral diseases (covid-19) using science and technology (PUVICON)

How We Organize Ourselves

NameCentral IdeaLink
Anggoro, Remy, Galur, Mash’al, BintangGovernment’s Roles in Handling Edu-tourism Matters During Pandemic
Clevi, Dimitri, Zian, BelliciaGovernment system to support citizen’s mental health during the pandemic.
Abdiel, Rava, Tallula, TristanCollaboration among government and citizen in vaccine distribution
Nayo, Aima, AlanahThe impact of the Pandemic and Government Role towards the Zoo Animal
Rasya, Sabrina, Zeroun, LaiqaHow the government assistance and new strategies help a business to survive during the pandemic
Obit, Michi, Kevin, Chivas, FikriDiscovering impact and fair solution for the online education system
Naiya, Louisa, Neysa, WuriThe role of government to manage health systems procedures in the hospitals during the pandemic