Applying technology and science to prevent viral disease (Covid-19)

Surat Al Anbiyya 83 – 84

Dan (ingatlah kisah) Ayub, ketika ia menyeru Tuhannya: “(Ya Tuhanku), sesungguhnya aku telah ditimpa penyakit dan Engkau adalah Tuhan Yang Maha Penyayang di antara semua penyayang”.

Maka Kamipun memperkenankan seruannya itu, lalu Kami lenyapkan penyakit yang ada padanya dan Kami kembalikan keluarganya kepadanya, dan Kami lipat gandakan bilangan mereka, sebagai suatu rahmat dari sisi Kami dan untuk menjadi peringatan bagi semua yang menyembah Allah.


The main character


the main character

How The World Works

Transdisciplinary Theme

Applying technology and science to prevent viral disease (Covid-19)

Central Idea


  • Function
  • Connection
  • Responsibility


Lines of Inquiry

  • Technology and inventions in health support
  • Pandemic that leads to the development of important inventions in human life
  • How technology and science prevent viral disease


Step 1 :  Identifying Significant Global Issues
(Exploring, Wondering, and Questioning)

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Viral diseases are extremely widespread infections caused by viruses, a type of microorganism. There are many types of viruses that cause a wide variety of viral diseases. The most common type of viral disease is the common cold, which is caused by a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract (nose and throat).

Viral diseases are contagious and spread from person to person when a virus enters the body and begins to multiply. Viral diseases result in a wide variety of symptoms that vary in character and severity depending on the type of viral infection and other factors, including the person’s age and overall health.

Viral diseases are not treatable with antibiotics, which can only cure bacterial diseases and infections. However, the most common viral diseases, the common cold and the flu, are self-limiting in generally healthy people. This means that the viral infection causes illness for a period of time, then it resolves and symptoms disappear as your immune system attacks the virus and your body recovers.

In some cases, viral diseases can lead to serious, possibly life-threatening complications, such as dehydration, bacterial pneumonia, and other secondary bacterial infections.

Based on the findings, the student made a connection to the situation that we are facing. The pandemic causes millions of people from different walks of life to suffer and, worse, death. The students want to know more about this viral disease that still haunts us to this day.

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Step 2 : Determining Time and Time Frame
(Making Connections Between Previous Learning and Current Learning)

G1 : The choices people make affect their health and well being
G1 : Human apply their understanding of science to invent and create
G3 : Effective interactions inside human body systems contribute to their health and survival

Step 3 : Engaging Support from the Learning Community
(Collecting Data and Reporting Finding or Researching and Seeking Information)

To support the research and get information about Covid-19, The students interviewed dr. Faizal an internist at RS Hermina Yogyakarta. He said that COVID-19 is caused by the corona virus (SAR-COV-2) which is a type of RNA virus. The virus can cause disease in animals or humans (zoonosis).

Covid-19 has symptoms that are almost the same as flu, but covid can attack the lungs. The SARA-CoV-2 virus enters the lungs through the upper respiratory tract, then uses angiotensin converting enzyme 2 as receptor which is mostly found in the lungs. Furthermore, it will trigger an inflammatory reaction related to the severity of the disease.

Efforts to prevent the transmission of covid through the steps of 5M (wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining a safe distance, away from crowds and reducing mobility). In addition, immunization or vaccination is also necessary. Indonesia has started to provide the Sinovac vaccine, which has an efficacy of around 65%. Meaning that out of the 100 people vaccinated, 65 people can be protected from covid infection.

There is no specific drug that can cure Covid-19. The treatment given is only symptomatic and supportive. SARS-COV-2 is sensitive to ultraviolet light and heat. The use of air purifiers like the ones people use today is not effective unless the purifiers contain negative plasma (amnion). Because negative plasma (amnion) can kill viruses in the air.

dr. Ahmad Faizal M.Sc, Sp.PD
dr. Ahmad Faizal M.Sc, Sp.PD

We got information from news in internet and TV about PUVICON, an air purification tool that can kill more than 90% of bacteria and viruses in the air. Then we tried to interview the inventor, Prof.  Bismo.

Prof, Bismo and the team from FTUI developed an air Prurification tool with the Cold Plasma Method (non-thermal) to fight COVID-19. PUVICON works using PUVICO3 Technology, namely air and water vapor molecules that are ionized and scattered back into the air by forced convection. In a closed room, this technology is proven to be able to eradicate 99% of viruses and more than 90% of bacteria in the air in just 10 minutes.

PUVICON air purifier produce O2 [-] (superoxide), H2O [-] (water) ions, and OH (hydroxyl) radicals, in the form of negative or radical ions that are often found in mountainous areas, so this tool will also be able to process and treat air pollution as well as act as an “electronic disinfectant”. The cold plasma therapy can prevent these additional cases of infection and can even significantly reduce the risk of medical personnel in hospitals being infected by the corona virus. So it is very useful for the Independent Isolation room and or ICU in the hospital.

FTUI has produced more than 600 units of PUVICON. These units are donated to hospitals, mosques and Islamic boarding schools from Aceh to Papua.

Step 4 :

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Due to the ongoing pandemic conditions, the increasing number of Covid 19 sufferers, and the information we got from our resources, especially for technology to reduce the transmission of Covid 19, we decided to do an experiment with the PUVICON tool. This experiment was carried out on several people with different health conditions.

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Step 5 : Monitoring The Exhibition

Step 6 : Sharing The Exhibition

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