STEP 4 - Organizing Learning

Experimenting and Playing with Possibilities Solving Problems in a Variety of Way

During the energy crisis happen nowadays, we want to know the human behavior in consuming energy as the opportunities or action to conserve energy. Therefore, we virtually connect to our surroundings by conducted a survey and social experiment to our own community (Al Jabr Islamic School), our family members, and people around us.

Energy Consumption Survey of
137 Respondents


Experience significant changes in using electricity before and after pandemic


Experience an increase in the use of electricity at home


Realize that the use of electricity has a big impact on the environment


Believe that people should save electricity

  • Lebih sering menggunakan kipas angin dibanding AC. 
  • Mematikan alat yg tidak perlu, seperti keran dan alat-alat elektronik. 
  • Memakai lampu LED. 
  • Menggunakan barang-barang elektronik dengan daya rendah.
  • Mengurangi polusi, menjaga sumber alam, dan menghemat uang.
  • Agar cadangan energi tidak cepat habis dan supaya bisa digunakan lebih lama.
  • Agar orang-orang di masa depan juga dapat menikmati energi.
  • Membantu mengurangi perubahan iklim dan mengurangi beban pemerintah.


From 137 respondents, 11.7% of them are not aware that their energy consumption have a big impact to our environment. That is why there are some people have not experience significant changes in energy consumption before and during pandemic.

Otherwise, the other 88.3% of them realize that the energy consumption has a big impact on the environment. Moreover, each side considers that it is a must to save energy. However, they have not take action as part of energy conservation.

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