STEP 3 - Engaging Support from the Learning Community

Collecting Data and Reporting Findings or Researching and Seeking Information

To answer all of our questions we collected in Step 1, we invited some experts in energy through a virtual interview. They are Bapak Koes Prakoso (from PLTA) and Pak Ferri & Pak Wira (from PLN). They gain many new insights about the things they are curious about, the experiment, and something they are possibly do during this pandemic situation.

Virtual Interview with the Guest Speakers

  • The energy consumption before and during the pandemic is more or less has the same amount.
  • The energy consumption before the pandemic is mostly used by the people in the building areas.
  • Meanwhile, during the pandemic, energy consumption mostly comes from household appliances.
  • The energy consumption increases from household appliances since we are now forced to Work From Home (WFH) or School From Home (SFH).
  • The electrical energy we use today is coming from non-renewable energy sources which will cause pollution.
  • The energy sources we use now is limited and will runs out, before that happens, that is why we need to save energy start from now.
  • Indonesia is now trying to empowering the renewable energy sources to get the electrical energy.
  • 80% of non-renewable energy sources is using the thermal energy which is renewable energy.
  • The energy consumption during pandemic is decreasing.
  • Based on data, in April 2020, the energy consumption in buildings and factories are decreasing.
  • Meanwhile, the household appliances consume more energy.
  • Even though, the household appliances consume more energy, it is not comparable with the energy consumption in buildings and factories.
  • Save the energy by using the Air Conditioner (AC) in certain times we really need and at most in 24 degrees Celsius.
  • Open the door in the morning and no need to use AC.
    Using resources that are comes from renewable energy; a rooftop from Solar Energy.

Virtual Interview with Pak Koes Prakoso

Virtual Interview with Pak Wira and Pak Ferri

Students' Reflection

After they did the virtual interview with the experts, they made reflections to share their points of view about the knowledge through a graphic organizer to get to know more about this topic.

Students' Reflection from PLTA

Students' Reflection from PLN