STEP 1 - Identifying Globally Significant Issues

Exploring, Wondering, and Questioning

what is it about?

ENERGY is an essential part of our daily lives! In Science Studies, energy is something that can do work. We need energy for our homes, schools, and buildings. We power our devices with energy store in batteries. Nowadays, people cannot be separated from electronic devices to power lights, computers, air conditioners, and refrigerators. This can be concluded that energy is extremely important for us. Moreover, the demand for electricity is set to increase and high further as a result of rising household incomes.

In this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the whole world needs energy supply as one of the sectors considered critical infrastructure, especially to work activities. This makes the demand for electricity going higher and higher in almost all the countries. The higher the electricity demands, the more the energy source decreased. Unfortunately, the global problem is most people have not aware of the importance of saving energy and how electricity waste will slowly destroy our Earth. After our research and discussion with mentors, we decided to focus on the issue of energy consumption and figure out the solution to manage it.

Prior Knowledge

We were identifying globally significant issues using the articles that connect with COVID-19 and energy consumption. As for the next step, we put our ideas written in a graphic organizer or mind map about how the energy consumption really matters during this pandemic situation.

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