Central Idea:
The Government Supports the Children to be happy and healthy.

Key concepts: 




Governments’ perspective towards children right; 

How government functions in society;

The government and the citizens roles and right to make people healthy and happy

STEP 1: Identifying Globally Significant Issues

Our problem is children need happiness. In this pandemic, they can’t meet their friends. So, they have to do online learning. That means that they have more screen time that leads to lack of sleep, getting tired easily and that affects our immune system and we can be sick.
However, it just a beginning. As we learn, every child deserve to be happy and healthy. That is what we call CHILDREN RIGHT.
Harta dan anak-anak adalah perhiasan kehidupan dunia tetapi amal kebajikan yang terus-menerus adalah lebih baik pahalanya di sisi Tuhanmu serta lebih baik untuk menjadi harapan. (QS. Al Kahfi 46)

We have been learning this issue using different perspectives:

Because we are children, we need to know our rights and responsibilities.

We need to know that our rights are changing over time.

As children, we are allowed to share our ideas and feeling. 

We also need to show our own responsibility and for others.

We also want to share our actions to make a better world. 

"Tiap-tiap anak dapat tumbuh sesehat mungkin, bersekolah, dilindungi, didengar pendapatnya, dan diperlakukan dengan adil."

Konvensi PBB 1989

Step 2: Determining Time Frame

During mentor meeting sessions, we asked many questions to make us more understand about the issue.

Step 3: Engaging Support from Learning Community



In order to follow our inquiry, we start with setting our goal and success criteria.



After that, we invite guests speakers to help us give more information about issues that we addressed.

Step 4: Organizing Learning

Apakah kamu sudah mendapatkan vaksin?
Sudah 94.2%
Apakah kamu bahagia belajar offline?
Bahagia 91.7%

Step 6: Sharing the Exhibition

We do several actions to address this issue. Here are our actions:

Throughout the exhibition process, we did reflections. These are some pieces of our reflections: