United States Nuclear Regulatory Comission (USNRC): “Radiation is energy given off by matter in the form of rays or high-speed particles.”
When a certain explosion or reaction occurs from atoms fision or fusion, it generates energy and radiation around the atom itself.

Step 1 – Identifying Globally Significant Issues

We read articles about Nuclear energy and note keywords that appear often. We also investigate the positive aspect of nuclear energy, discuss which focus of topic best fit with what we are going to do in our Exhibition project. We decided to focus on nuclear energy in medical technology, nuclear power plant, food irradiation, and water desalination. Not only keywords, we also write on going questions and search for the Al-Qur’an that talk about issue related with our idea.

Step 2 – Determining The Timing and Time Frame

To make sure the project is running well, we create a timeline consist of the goal of activities. We also relate our focus of topic with what we learn in the previous grade and define the time frame of prior knowledge.

Step 3 – Enganging Support from the Learning Community

To help us answer our on going questions, we meet experts through Zoom meeting discussion. The people we met was those who knows Nuclear energy pretty well. There is a University lecturer, Pak Humam and also people from BRIN (Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional), Kak Sari, Kak Niki, dan Kak Reni.

Step 4 – Organizing Learning

From the reflection and notes of the meeting session with experts, we decided to focus on one topic; showing the positive aspect of Nuclear energy in food irradiation. Therefore, in this step, we try to run a simple experiment on showing the difference between food that been irridiated with nuclear energy and food that is not. At the same time, we also gather public’s opinion about food irradiation.

Step 5 – Monitoring Exhibition

We monitor the progress of our Exhibition project by joining a personal one on one session with our mentor and a group meeting session with all members and all mentors each once every week. During the meeting, we do discussions, share ideas, and give suggestions on our project.

Step 6 – Action

We decided to do action of advocacy. We plan to gain trust for people for using irradiated food and persuade them to buy (for public consumer) or use irradiation for their product (for food seller). The first target of action are workers in Al Jabr Kitchen. We share informations about definition, function and advantages of food irradiation to them. Not only that, we also put a test together in comparing food that is been irradiated and food that is not.

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