My learning goal is to learn about the application of psychology in music by traditional and modern instruments that have a connection to the brain.

My product goal is making a song that covers both traditional and modern instruments while making a connection to psychology.

To do this personal project, I have made a timeline that I constantly look back at. With this timeline, I’ll be able to track my to do list and the submission time/deadline. In this timeline, it covers the whole process of the product making. I refer back to this planner because it is efficient.

I used research skills to figure out crucial information that are useful for my project. I collect and analyze information by researching through books, articles, and expert. With this, I was able to organize information and evaluate information. I applied my research skills in my project by gathering information from useful resources such as my expert and books. I was able to organize knowledge and information by evaluating those sources efficiently. Research skills have helped me throughout the process by helping me analyze the information and processing data I have found during my research and how to be critical in avoiding unreliable and unnecessary information or sources. To interpret and input my interview results, I had to use critical literacy skills to analyze the information gathered.

I constantly write and develop ideas for the songs while assessing my comprehension ability and how I can think creatively (creative thinking skills). I apply it by searching for lyrics ideas, making the melody, and recording the song. Songwriting engages my abilities because I have to think of words that rhyme and sentences that make sense and can be pleasurable when I listen to the song. In this process, I had to consider multiple perspectives with the help of my expert to make sure my song implemented psychology in it.

Personally, after doing the project, I feel like music can be a way to communicate with others and it can be a way to calm myself down by listening or making the song. I also realize that traditional instruments can be a way for me to express and stress relief especially when playing the angklung.

Feedbacks: Hesty Novitasari (Expert):
- The song has implemented psychological aspects due to the lyrics, tempo, instruments, rhythm, and tone of the song.
- The angklung accompanied by modern instruments and vocal harmonization was able to create a unique sensation.
-The song gives hope and the feeling of being optimistic.

- The feelings that I experienced while listening to the song are very calm and relaxing.
- This made me focus and productive during working on my task.
- The use of modern and traditional music can contribute to the overall atmosphere and mood of the song in relation to mental health because the traditional sounds in this song will take you back to nostalgia while the modern touch will show reality and give you a feel of your recent living.

Chord Progression: When I had to find the chords, I made two different chord progressions, but both of them sounded kind of plain, and I didn’t know what to do for the chorus part (e.g: make it different, etc). So I decided to use the same chord progression throughout the song. I did this to make sure the angklung fits in the song.

Chords: Originally, I made the song with a Capo on the 2nd fret, but i had to make changes to make the angklung fit in.

Recording: Repeating this process, for about 6-10 times per part to make sure I had the best final recording.