No.NameProjectSubjectVerse of Al-QuranAction
1Anezka Ranandia Ruby HadiwijayaMake a coloring book for children in hospitalsArtQs. Al- Baqarah ayat 274
2Aymana Zalika Dasril
3Ayuningtia DamastiraMake a travel brochure about a wonderful place that is underrated and unknown that is affordable and a place that everybody will love it.I&SQS. Al-Mulk verse 15Lifestyle choices
4Azalea Della ArdyasaWhat I want to do is to build a social media account to influence individuals to try to avoid spreading climate change from one to another. Since climate change affects everything from the enviroment to the lives of animals.I&SQS. Ar Rum 41-42
5Divia Tiya Ashyifa Ujung
6Evita Kendra Fatimah Tenri
7Freia Nariswari RisadianiI will sell the visual arts i made, then use the money to provide colouring sets of the art, to give to people.Visual Artal-Baqarah (2) : 262.Social entrepreneurship
8Kantrea Keia AdrityaWe will make a storyboard animation about Family problems. We will leave an important message for people so they can be great. The language in the video is in English and the storyline and story form is similar to BahasaEnglish + BahasaQuran Surat At-Tahrim Ayat 6Lifestyle choices
9Katherina Nureva ArrazyDesign a safety/evacuation route for Al-JabrIDU design & scienceAl-Baqarah (239)
10Keisya Amanina WahidI will be making a booklet to show how to avoid covid in a safe wayIDU design & scienceQS. Al-Qashas ayat 77
11Mezbareta Aeeshya MakkaylaI will make songs to post online about promoting learning styles so people in our generation who have to do their activities wether it is school or work could do it easier and decrease stress since most people in this situation do not work well with online learning.CounselingLifestyle choices
12Moraini Titi Rahma Tampubolon
13Kochava Nadine Udaya,
Muzafhira Alika Rahmatya, Sabrina Fitranti Radityo
Since it’s pandemic we can’t travel and we can send it to kids hospital so they have a entertainment and so they can see some places in the world from travel brochures. Possible product: We can donate our printed travel brochures to the kids hospital so they can see some places in the world from travel brochures.I&SAl-Baqarah (2) : 262
14Nadia Azzahra Shandhika Putri, Redya Anjani Shalimafala Reinarto, Kalyana Adinda ParahitaSending artworks for children’s hospital because sick kids might need support and entertainment.Visual ArtAl-Baqarah (2) : 267Participation
15Nadya Anindita Fahrani,
Aymana Zalika Dasril
Making a poster about how to manage your time more efficiently.CounsellingAl-Asr ayat 1-3Lifestyle choices
16Nur Siti Rara Syakbani
17Syahnaz Eliza Putri Nasution
18Talullah MalaikaDesigning and making a safety/evacuation route and also making an informative video about itI&S, Science & DesignAl-Baqarah (239)
20Zaskia Syifa Al Adawiyah

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