Melted Butter

Which butter will melt first?


“Dan telah Kami jadikan di bumi ini gunung-gunung yang kokoh
supaya bumi itu (tidak) goncang bersama mereka dan telah Kami
jadikan (pula) di bumi itu jalan-jalan yang luas, agar mereka
mendapat petunjuk” (Al Qur’an, Al-Anbiya (21) : 31)

“Dia membiarkan dua lautan mengalir yang keduanya kemudian
bertemu, antara keduanya ada batas yang tidak dilampaui
masing-masing. (Al Qur’an, Ar-Rahman (55) :19-20)

To answer the inquiry question, Emir applies his research skill by doing Butter Experiment. Through his experiment, he has learned a fusion change of state. In his final product, he is able to transfer her understanding about the changing process from solid to liquid into a poster. In order to maximize his learning, he also demonstrates his critical-thinking skill to learn about ordinal numbers. In this case, he has gained a new concept that the first cheese to melt is the one in the hot pan, the second is the one on the table and the third is the one in the fridge. To sum up, he has acquired Islamic value, Science and Math knowledges through 1 activity.

Experiment Process

Emir is heating his butter in a pan
Emir is comparing his butter by putting it in a bowl to observe which butter will melt first

Final Product

Science Journal

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