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How We Organize Ourselves

“An inquiry into the interconnectedness of human-made systems and
communities; the structure and function of organizations; societal
decision-making; economic activities and their impact on humankind and
the environment”

The government’s role in preparing students’ skills for the future.

Function, Perspective, Responsibility.


Government system, Education, Skills, Job

  • How government respond to the students skills for the future
  • How do people prepare themselves for the future
  • What are the responsibilities of  government to prepare high quality education
  • Analyze how government respond to the students skills for the future
  • Identify how do people prepare themselves for the future
  • Examine the responsibilities of  government to prepare high quality education

At the beginning, we did research about some current issues that happened around us. Then, we decided to focus on one issue. It is about the education that we need to get more skills for the future. Due to digitalization, there will be some changes in how people work. It will also have an impact on education. We want to know what we can do to prepare ourselves (the skills) for the future. We found some articles on the internet talking about future skills that we need to prepare for the future job. 

The article from by Benjamin Talin said that there are 23 Skills Of The Future – Important Skills For The Jobs Of The 21st Century. He said that the half-life of skills dropped from 30 years to only 6 years and in general the tendency is clear – some skills might only last for about some months or years before they get replaced or become obsolete. Based on that, we think that we need to be prepared for the future. Here are the skills of the 21st Century from Benjamin Talin:

Besides that article above, we also read another article that relates to future skills and future jobs. Here are the reflections of what we have read:

Our project is related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) number 4: Quality Education. It is because we want to know how government prepare skills of the people to face the future needs. 

Mario Nicholas - Founder and CEO of Kuncie

Pak Putoyo HS - Disdik Bidang SD DKI Jakarta

Ms. Dina Anggraini - IB Career Program Coordinator

Lucy Arini - Content Specialist Rumah Perubahan

Read articles

Besides interviewing some experts, we also read articles about the government’s role in preparing citizens’ skills to get a job. Based on the articles we read(on the left), we know that the government has made several efforts so that people are able to compete in order to get jobs or create their own jobs. One of the government’s efforts is to make some skills training for prospective workers. The government even collaborates with several private parties in order to provide better skills training.

Questionaire / Survey

Next, we conducted a simple survey to find out about the readiness and awareness of students, parents, and teachers in preparing themselves for future challenges, especially in the field of education. The targets of this survey are students aged 13 years and over, parents of students, and teachers or lecturers. Below are the results of our survey.

Taking action

Based on the knowledge from the experts and the results of the survey data we got, we decided to take action to share the knowledge we got with others. The first action we took was to create a coding class for Al Jabr Islamic School teachers. We chose the coding class because based on survey data, many respondents said that IT is a future job that will be highly sought after and in-demand later. Therefore, we hope that teachers who have mastered coding skills can teach their students in class. So that students have digital skills for the future.

In addition, we also made several brochures and posters containing information related to future skills and future jobs as well as how to prepare for the future.

Panel with Head of School

After completing our project, we had the opportunity to share what we have been working on since the beginning until now in front of the Head of School (Bu Uchu Riza), Principal (Mr. Arie), PYP Coordinator (Mr. Ryan), and our parents. 

Alhamdulillah, all the efforts and results of our work are appreciated by the audience. We hope that what we learn and gain from this project can be of benefit to ourselves and to others in the future.

PYP Exhibition